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Lonely Christmas Tree – Presents for Children

Christmas is the holiday for kids

Catching a glimpse of a Santa’s elf, the holiday spirit, Christmas tree candles, unwrapping gifts. The excitement while waiting for Santa Claus is part of the Christmas magic for the youngest in the family. Lonely Christmas Tree’s gift collection remembers every child for whom getting a Christmas gift is not expected. Let’s make sure together that every child gets at least one Christmas gift – the pleasure of giving is the best happiness!

Christmas presents for children

Christmas should be a magic time for every child. With this gift collection we want to support the idea that even the children that grow up in difficult situations could get at least one Christmas gift.


  • Buy a gift that a child would like.
  • Leave the Christmas Calendar under the hotel lobby’s Christmas tree before 17.11.2023.
  • Leave the gift without wrapping under the hotel lobby’s Christmas tree before 14.12.2023.

NOTE: You can find gift tips at the bottom of this page.

See you at the Christmas tree!

Wishing you a happy Christmas time,
Team Lilla Roberts

Guide & tips for getting the gift

Christmas time should be magical for every child. We want to use our gift collection to help ensure that children growing up in less fortunate situations receive at least one Christmas present.

  • For Christmas gifts, we only accept new products. We are happy to receive used clothes and goods by appointment at our Hope ry office.
  • We hope to receive the gifts unwrapped. We know from years of experience that the contents of a package may differ greatly from the description on the package. If you wish, you can include wrapping material, and we will give them to the families with the gifts. This also allows parents to get involved in organising their children's Christmas. If the gifts come to us wrapped, it is good to know that we will open them to check the contents of the package.
  • All gift cards must have the value of the gift card written on them. This is important, for example, because if there are several children or young people in the family who will receive a gift card, we want them to receive gift cards of approximately the same value.
  • If the gift comes with a guarantee, please enclose the guarantee receipt with the gift or, if you prefer, you can send it separately to Hope ry for safekeeping.


For kids:

  • "Christmas hit toys" such as characters and figurines
  • Dolls and accessories
  • Pokemon, characters and cards
  • Schleich products (animals, characters, buildings)
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Download vouchers for game apps such as Googleplay, Playstation store
  • Legos & Duplot
  • Littlest pet shops
  • Clothing (especially outdoor clothing) and shoes
  • Entertainment tickets (swimming pool tickets, indoor play parks, cinema tickets)
  • Home play goods
  • Craft supplies
  • Board and console games

For teens:

  • Download vouchers for game apps such as Googleplay, Playstation store
  • Gift vouchers; for clothes shops, fast food restaurants, cafes, bookshops, pet shops, cosmetics shops, sports equipment shops and home decor shops
  • Underwear and socks
  • Electronics; headphones, speakers, telephones
  • Tickets to cinema
  • Christmas sweets
  • Board and console games and accessories
  • Hygiene and cosmetics products
  • Duvets and towels

For families:

  • Food/grocery gift cards
  • Hygiene products
  • Christmas sweets

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