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Experience the glamour of the 1920's

At parties, elegant gentlemen dance with their ladies - each dressed more dazzlingly then the next - as brass bands play one tune after another. This is the heyday of the 1920’s in Chicago. 

At one of the tables sits a man known to everyone in the city. A man followed by the shadows of his numerous deeds. A man surrounded by women fighting for his attention and someone envied by all other men. He sips from a glass of Templeton Rye, his favourite whiskey, and lets out a thick, pungent cloud of smoke from his cigar. An 11-carat, blue-and-white diamond flashes on his finger.  

Alphonse Gabriel Capone, better known by the name of Al Capone, was growing his mafia empire. Its rise was enabled by flagrant bribery and brute force - even taken to the extreme. He had officials and journalists practically eating out of his hand. Finally, Al Capone was convicted, first with a shorter sentence for the illegal possession of a gun and eventually with a long sentence for tax evasion. His downfall was enabled by the persistent hunt by Eliot Ness, an agent of the Treasury Department. 

Legend has it that Al Capone wrote three verses to a mysterious lady as he spent his prison years in a small stony cell. But who was Madonna Mia? 

You Are Invited

We welcome you to join us on a trip combining fact and fiction; to spend a night in the atmosphere of the 1920’s. Two of Al Capone’s mistresses await his release in the luxury hotel right next to the prison. The mobster has sent, by his courier, a priceless diamond ring as a symbol of his undying love for his chosen one. 

You are spending the night in the room of one of these mistresses – but which one? You will find out during your stay.

1920' Glamour Package includes: 

  • Accommodation in a themed Lux Room
  • Sparkling Cocktails at Bar Lilla e or Mimosas at breakfast. All drinks are also available as non-alcoholic versions.
  • Delicious breakfast at restaurant Krog Roba
  • A story-based adventure and a mystery that takes you straight into the atmosphere of the 1920’s

Prices starting at 249 € / 2 persons in a Lux Room. Pricing varies depending on booked dates.

Booking and more info:

To book a room please contact our hotel reception or sales office:

Hotel reception: 09 689 9880 /

Sales office open:
Mon-Fri 9-17

Room reservations: 09 6824 2860 /

Calls: 0,84 €/min + lnc/mpp

Terms of cancellation: The experience rooms are available for booking until April 30, 2021. All cancellations and changes must be made by 6 p.m. on the day preceding your arrival. For any cancellations and changes made after this time, the hotel will charge the price of one night of accommodation. Also , the price of one night of accommodation will be charged for failure to arrive. All bookings must be verified by using a credit card that is valid for the entire duration of the booking. We do not accept unverified bookings.