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We are Green Key Certified

Hotel Lilla Roberts has been awarded an environmental certificate by Green Key Finland, the international tourism industry's environmental programme. The certification is decided by a Green Key jury of experts in corporate responsibility, sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

The Green Key hotel is committed to raising environmental awareness among staff and guests, improving energy and water efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of its accommodation operations. Green Key certified companies will receive the internationally recognised Green Key label and the programme's support for their environmental work and communication.

Nordic Choice Hotels – WeCare

Hotel Lilla Roberts is part of the Norwegian Nordic Choice Hotels family. Sustainability is important to us and we call our corporate social responsibility programme WeCare.

WeCare is about how in our daily operations we take care of people, the environment and profitability at the same time. This means that we cannot be profitable without caring about people and the environment. But we also know that we cannot care about people and the environment without creating profitability.

We have mapped out how our more than 200 hotels in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania affect the environment and the society around them. We have listened to our guests, suppliers and representatives for important society functions. We have then defined a few main areas where we will put extra focus in our sustainability efforts.

The main areas are:

  • Diversity among employees
  • Ethical and sustainable trade in our supply chain
  • Local social responsibility in our community
  • Environment
  • Good, healthy and sustainable food

We will create possibilities for people both in and out of our operations. We will run hotels so that they have the smallest environmental impact. We will make our guests feel a little bit better when they check out than when they checked in.

WeCare is part of our identity and our culture, and we are very proud of it.

We work to improve equality and equity in our operations daily and our hotels have partners to do it with.

Responsible everyday actions

1. At our restaurant Krog Roba we favour local and organic products and closely monitor and take steps to reduce waste.

2. We monitor our electricity and water consumption and reduce it where possible.

3. We recycle waste and minimise the consumption of paper and disposable products.

4. We recommend the world's freshest tap water instead of bottled water.

5. We encourage cycling and provide bicycles for our guests to use.

6. In our rooms, we prefer refillable bottles for cosmetics to disposable ones.

7. We also encourage our guests to think about the environment, for example by offering the option of not changing the towels in the room every day if the guest so wishes.

8. What else could we do? Send us an idea: